We are the largest chain of singly owned IVF Clinic in India running 10 full fledged IVF centers across India. We have been practicing advanced fertility treatments for the last 30 years and have treated more than 55000 couples from India & abroad. Our IVF clinic has been rated has the Best IVF clinic in India , best IVF hospital in India by the WEEK magazine. To know more click here

We have a very competent team of doctors, scientists, technicians and staff, who work together to achieve satisfying results.

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  • Scientific Director & Gynecologist He is a board certified MD Gynecologist, in practice, for the last 16 years. He graduated from the University of Bombay (Mumbai) with honors and was awarded the Gold Medal for ranking first in the examinations. He received formal training in Assisted Reproduction, at the prestigious Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, where he did one year of Clinical & Research Fellowship in Embryo & Semen Freezing, in 1989-90. He has been actively performing ART in India for the last 11 years. He received formal training in Micromanipulation ICSI at the famous Az Vub Dutch Speaking Free University, Brussels (which produced the world's first ICSI baby) and the UZ Ghent Hospital, Ghent Belgium, in 1995. Thereafter, he established one of the pioneering ICSI units in India.

    He received formal training in Preimplantation Genetics at the Verlinsky Genetics institute in Chicago (which has done the highest number of PGD cases in the world) and University College Hospital, London.

    He has helped establish numerous ART Centres all over India. Besides conducting his own ART units, he is also an honorary assistant professor at the D Y Patil Medical College University of Mumbai, for the past 11 years. He is an honorary consultant at the Kurla Bhabha Free Municipal Corporation General Hospital - probably the youngest to have achieved this distinction. He has recently received The Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Award for the year 2002. This award was given for his path breaking work in the field of infertility. The Award was presented by Mr Bhuta Singh and Sushilkumar Shinde at the prestigious Teen Murti Bhavan in New Delhi.

    He is the Medical Director of one of India's leading NGOs, in the field of Family planning - The Pearl Family Welfare Hospital.

    Dr. Pai’s has the distinction of personally performing more than 10,000 embryo transfers in the past 20 years of practice as an IVF doctor. His initial exposure to IVF came when he was associated with the team from KEM hospital and G S Medical college Mumbai, which had the privilege of delivering India’s first IVF baby (officially India”s second IVF baby). At that time(1984) he was the Registrar in the unit responsible for the birth. Subsequently, in 1990, he did his Clinical Fellowship at the Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne Australia. This unit had the distinction of delivering the second IVF baby of Australia. This unit was subsequently called Melbourne IVF and presently is the part of a large IVF group called IVF Australia.

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  • Medical Director & Gynecologist

    She is a board Certified MD Gynecologist in practice for the last 9 years. She graduated from the prestigious Grant Medical College and J.J Group of Hospitals, having stood second in her examinations. She received her formal training in ART & Micromanipulation at the prestigious UZ Ghent Hospital, Ghent Belgium in 1996. She has received advanced training
    in ICSI, Preimplantation Genetics & Laser hatching at the famous Alpha School of Embryology, Naples Italy. Recently she visited the Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne, Australia where she got exposed to newer techniques in improving pregnancy rates in ART. She has confounded the Babies And Us Fertility Centre, which has functioned since 6 years.

    She is an Honorary Consultant Gynecologist at the Lilavati Hospital, Bandra and at the Harkisandas Hospital, Prarthana Samaj, both located at Mumbai.
    She runs her own private nursing home called the Palshetkar Patil Nursing Home, located at Bombay Mutual Terrace, Opera House, Mumbai. She is one of the senior trustees of the D Y Patil Medical Trust which conducts medical, dental, engineering and management courses in Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur.

    Dr. Palshetkar also has the distinction of being one of the most prolific contributor to the enhancement of academic body of knowledge in OBGY in India. She has presented papers and contributed articles in many journals and magazines.

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  • SONORADIOLOGIST He is a Consulting Sonologist in private practice since 10 years. He has completed his post graduation from KEM Hospital, University of Mumbai, in May 1988. He had further training in Ultrasound (Diploma and Master's degree) at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 1989. He also completed training in Color Doppler Imaging and Interventional Ultrasound at the same institute.

    He is a Consultant Sonologist at the Babies and Us IVF Centre, Lilavati Hospital and is the visiting sonologist at various IVF centers all over India.
  • Visiting Gynecologist
  • Urologist & Andrologist
  • Embryologist: Has been performing the technique of ICSI since 1995. He has injected more than 15,000 eggs and has been one of the persons connected with the first ICSI baby of India which was born in 1995-96. He is undoubtedly the most experienced Embryologist, performing ICSI in the country.
  • Embryologist: Is a PhD in Life Sciences and is one of the senior embryologists in the country. She has been in the field of ART since 1991. Her area of specialization is ICSI and Embryo Freezing. She has recently doing research work in the area of Invitro Maturation of Oocytes and Oocyte (Egg) Freezing.
  • Lab technician
  • IVF Nurse
  • Medico Social Worker


  • Administrative Director (Mr. Pradip Palshetkar)